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Density analysis of use and occupancyDensity analysis of use and occupancy

Lands protected in 2003Lands protected in 2003

Land Use and Occupancy Studies use mapping interviews to document where an indigenous community harvests animals, plants, and other resources and where they inhabit the land.  These studies provide First Nations with powerful tools to engage in land use planning, impact assessment, and land rights negotiations.

Over a period of seven years, Petr Cizek conducted and co-ordinated mapping interviews with over 400 harvesters and Elders from eight Dehcho First Nation communities in the Northwest Territories resulting in over 55,000 data elements.  He developed computer-based "density analysis" tools, which were used to negotiate interim land protection for over 100,000 square kilometres of land with the Canadian federal government. 

This "globally significant conservation achievement" was recognized as a "Gift to the Earth" by World Widlife Fund.  The results of this work were also published by the International Work Group on Indigenous Affairs in Copenhagen and featured in the book Living Proof: The Essential Data Collection Guide for Use and Occupancy Surveys.

Dr. Cizek has also advised First Nations in northern Alberta and Manitoba about collection and analysis of land use and occupancy data.